Multi-Functional Ita Bag [PREORDER]

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PREORDER INFO: This preorder has not yet officially launched, it's a soft launch for those who know they 100% want the bag already! More sample photos and concept art is to be added. Preorder official launch - July 01, you are welcome to preorder now if you find this product and it suits you :>

Aussies: Get free tracked shipping! (sorry international I need to declare customs)


  • One main compartment pocket, one separate insert pocket
  • 3 x Detachable Adjustable Straps
  • 1 x Chain with links
  • 2 x inner D-rings to sit in front or behind insert
  • 1 x matching insert
  • Popipin Logo on reverse side
  • Detachable keychain with Popipin logo

As pictured this one bag can be worn as:

  • Backpack
  • Side bag
  • Fanny pack
  • Waist Bag
  • I'm sure you can think of more possibilities!


  • 12 cm x 17 cm x 7.5cm
  • Made of Faux Leather
  • 4 different colours available ('Blush', 'Crow', 'Mint', 'Iris' and 'Sky') - they are pastel pink, purple, blue and mint green as well as black.
  • Designed to last!

Sizing (we are inclusive!):
The ita bag features 3 adjustable straps and 1 chain. The straps should be able to fit around your underbust, waist, hips, and across your body, depending on the style you wish to wear the bag. The sizes cross over slightly so if you're unsure, there's room for adjustments! You may always purchase additional pieces separately!

  • Average: adjustable strap lengths are up to 1 . 5m (fully extended), crossbody/backpack chain is 120cm.
  • A bit more: adjustable strap lengths are up to 1 . 75m, crossbody/backpack chain is 180cm
  • Most to love: adjustable straps are up to 2 . 0m, crossbody/backpack chain is 200cm - a comfortable fit!
  • Don't see your size here? straps can be made for you if larger/smaller - please allow up to a month to produce - additional fees depending on production.
  • You will be contacted about your desired size before your order is fulfilled! I will help you personally if you are unsure.
  • if you know your size for sure, you may leave a note on the cart page!

Purchase Separately:

  • Extra Pride Inserts
  • Extra Plain Inserts (coming soon)
  • Extra 180cm Chain (coming soon)
  • Plus Size Straps (coming soon)
  • Replacement Straps (coming soon)

Optional Pride Inserts: You may purchase with this product an additional insert that features your Pride Flag! Bags come with the default insert so you wind up getting 2 if you purchase the extra one. As I start out the choices will be limited because of minimum order quantities but please communicate with me on instagram for which ones you would like to see made next!


Funding information:
This is a guaranteed product in 5 colour variations due to my own investment/payment towards production! Preorder sales will assist in reaching the funding quicker than doing it on my own.

Production Schedule:

01 June, 2020: Soft Launch for preorders, won't be publicly advertised yet just for those who wanted to be notified!
June, 2020: My initial pink sample will arrive, I will be able to take product photos and approve production for MOQ for 4 colours + have 3 more samples shipped to me (one for each additional colour)
01 July 2020: I should have all sample colours photographed and be able to launch the official preorder campaign.
July - End of August: Our official 2 month funding period
August: the bags that began production in June should be nearing completion, there may be delays.
September: The bulk order should be arriving!
September/October: These months will be dedicated to packaging and shipping orders!
December: this is the very latest that the bags should be arriving to you! I've given enough room in case of any production or shipping delays.

*Paypal customers: If you use the express checkout or paypal to pay, it will not allow me to access those funds until your parcel is 1 day away (and provided tracking) since we need that money to speed up production I will mark the item as digital goods, if you file a chargeback you will not receive your bag <3 I have been clear about timelines and you can follow me on instagram for updates :)