Shipping Info

I ship products from my home studio in Perth Australia!
We take all covid-19 precautions and maintain a clean safe environment.

We also have 4 cats so at most you may get a stray hair in your shipment!

I usually do same-day fulfilment,
if you have a pre-order item that item needs to be in stock before I can ship your entire order!
If I'm running a sale I can get very busy and it may take up to 2 weeks to send your order out - but this rarely happens.



Letter Post 

Letter post is not tracked, therefore you run the risk of it being lost - I am not obligated to refund/replace lost or damaged orders!

Domestic: For Australian buyers this is safe, cheap, and practical.
I can even put your order in a box if I deem it necessary!
The letter width limit is 20mm, but my boxes are 16mm thick
It typically takes 3-8 business days to arrive
You can ship unlimited items

International: this shipping option may take up to 3 MONTHS to arrive!
and once it's left my store I cannot tell you where it is.
You are more likely to have losses and damages as well as delays with this shipping method. Some people like to save the money and take the gamble and they've had no issues with it, which is why I leave this option open!

You can only ship up to 3 products with international letter post
it takes 3 months to arrive, but could get lost
It is shipped in a bubble mailer


A) I need to put your pins on one backing card to ensure better stability with this shipping method
B) buying 3 pins or less is the safest option for this shipping method
C) I use plastic sleeves to help protect from weather or water damage
D) when available/if there is space in your mailer I put extra goodies like pokemon cards, prints, stickers, etc

C/D also apply to domestic orders!

Tracked Shipping

Domestic: For Australian customers I use AUSPOST and Sendle
The more you buy the more you save on post!
There is also an express option for you.
Tracked shipping for Aussies takes up to 5 days
Express shipping is 2-3 days

International: I ship with Sendle and this is the recommended shipping method.
You receive tracking, so you always know where your order is,
as well as FULL COVER if something is damaged, missing, or lost.
I offer refunds, returns, and replacements with this option.
It takes up to 1 month to arrive but typically 20 days

the more you buy in one transaction the more you save on tracked shipping!