About Popipin

Hey everyone! My name is Fay, I'm an artist, cat mum, partner to Nick and friend to you ♥ this store is a passion project of mine and my partner's, I hope you enjoy the work we create because it gives me so much happiness and fulfilment to bring it to you!

You may resell bought pins for any price, they are yours, and if they inflate due to rarity that is entirely up to you to capitalise on ♥

Find me elsewhere:


- Contact Me -

You are welcome to direct message me on the accounts linked above, or you may also contact me on discord (fayfia#6335) or via email:


I check my email multiple times daily and almost always consistently active on discord, deviantart and instagram. You may have longer wait times for twitter and facebook given I'm not very active there!

- My Studio -

- pics to come! -

My home apartment is also my workplace, for this reason I need to get a PO box for returns and don't share my address on any pages. I have 4 cats so a stray hair may be present here and there but I do my best to keep them out of packaging!

How I create my work:
I use clip studio on my windows laptop with a cintiq tablet. I don't have illustrator to create AI files so my friend Nevaeh-Lee helps me with those for pin designs.

- Popipin Pin Club -

I also have a patreon pin club, this is where I'll be able to engage with you guys the most and truly be able to call you all my pin family 


- My Mission -

The purpose of this project is to be a creative outlet for myself and to share the love and joy of pin collecting from more than just a buyers perspective! I want to be able to make products that you love and aspire to collect as well, and it's such an honour to see my work on pin boards and displays and just knowing they bring you happiness too.

I wish to create many more pins in the future so please do follow along on my socials or kickstarter to be a part of these creations. Not only do I endeavour to create pins but also in the future I want to expand and have more ways to care for pins, display pins, and carry pins with you! I want to give them more ways to be enjoyed and integrated in our every day lives.

- Shipping -

If a product is not pre-order or marked as 'sold out' that means it's in stock and ready to ship! I pack every order with love in the studio and dispatch the same day. Please see our shipping policy for full details.