[PREORDER] Pokemon FIT Mystery Boxes

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What are Fit Plush? They are what we know as 'sitting cuties' but from Japan! They are highly sought after, arguably better quality, highly collectable, and now running off the shelves as they are not being manufactured anymore!

This will be your only chance to get a FIT mystery box - and stock is limited.

SHIPPING: Automatically included in the product cost ($10) - each box is already pre-packed and shipped individually. Shipping is tracked - worldwide orders welcome.


 This Box is guaranteed to contain:

  • 1 x New Licensed Fit Plush (straight from Japan!)
  • 2 x TCG Blister Packs (random or latest edition)
  • 1 x A- Grade pin from Popipin Store
  • 3 x B- Grade and/or Sale pins from Popipin Store
    (grading policies)
  • 1 x Random Pokemon Gachapon Prize or 1 x Official Pokemon Pin

 PREORDER BONUS! Select your top 3 pokemon (gen 1 / 2) or pokemon type (grass, fire etc) by entering the note at the cart page, or it'll be a surprise!


    RETURN POLICY: There is a strict no refund or return policy on this item. Each box upon packaging is thoroughly inspected to ensure it has the 'guaranteed' content, I put a lot of love and thought in to each one.

    Additional Info: Photos are for illustrative purposes only, they do not guarantee what may be contained in your box but are examples of potential prizes. The pokemon plush in the pool of prizes are all gen 1 and 2 pokemon, not limited to what is shown in the photo! It is for illustrative purposes only.